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As an inventor, there are forms to guide you in the protection of your invention or idea:

  • Invention Disclosure Form: This is the first step in the protection of your intellectual property. Once we've received your invention disclosure, the process of evaluating the technology for commercialization potential begins.
  • Outgoing Material Transfer Form: (sending material from the UI to third parties): Researchers should contact The University of Iowa Research Foundation (UIRF) prior to supplying third parties with material(s) developed at The University of Iowa for the preparation of an outgoing Material Transfer Agreement. In some cases, a fee may be included in these transactions as warranted by the nature of the material(s) and the purpose of the transaction. Please be aware that you may not need an MTA in all instances. However, you still must return an MTA Request form to UIRF so that an export control review can be conducted. If income results from an MTA not associated with University of Iowa owned intellectual properties, such as patents or copyrights, the income will be split 80% to the principal investigator's lab, 10% to the UIRF, and 10% to the principal investigator's department. If the PI is an HHMI Investigator, income will be split 5% to UIRF, 5% to HHMI, 10% to the UI department and 80% to the PI. Please refer to the Divison of Sponsored Program website for more information. UIRF suggests that all PI's to consider these factors when determining the cost of materials to be included in materials transfer agreements.
  • Student Invention Disclosure Form: This invention disclosure form is specific to University of Iowa students who feel they have developed or researched a valuable idea or innovation.
  • Copyright Disclosure Form: Similar to an invention disclosure except as pertaining to original works of authorship. As is academic custom, UI policy generally provides for personal ownership of works of scholarship and creations of original works of art and literature. In most cases, these works do not need to be disclosed (see UI copyright policy). Researchers should disclose copyrighted technologies with commercial potential such as software and some non-software educational materials.
  • Inventor Revenue Distribution Agreement Form: The UIRF automatically splits the inventors’ share of any income equally between all legal inventors on a patent or patent application. If the inventors wish to split their share of income in a different manner, this form provides a mechanism for providing that information to the UIRF.

Submit completed forms by email, or by mail to the address below. See Inventor Instructions for more information

The University of Iowa Research Foundation
6 Gilmore Hall, 112 N. Capitol Street
Iowa City, IA 52242-5500

Industry Form Downloads

The UIRF provides the following draft agreements for commercialization partners. Please note these are starting points in working towards reaching a mutual agreement.

  • License Agreement Form: This is an example of a licensing agreement, which sets forth the legal framework authorizing use and development of University intellectual property by another party.
  • Confidential Disclosure Agreement/Non-Disclosure Agreement Form: This agreement allows an individual or company further access to information about a specified technology within a legal framework restricting any further release of that information to other parties.
  • Option Agreement Form: An option agreement allows a company or individual a specified period of time in which to conduct meaningful research on a UIRF technology in order to better evaluate the technology and its potential within the company for commercialization.
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