UI Ventures Information

For those interested in the formation of a new company, there are resources available if you need help determining the viability of your concept. You may wish to contact IOWA Centers for Enterprise resources:

UI Faculty, Staff and Students with business concepts based on intellectual property UIRF
UI Faculty, Staff and Students with business concepts unrelated to intellectual property JPEC
External community members SBDC

The UIRF focuses exclusively on those opportunities that stem from intellectual property such as patents, software and other copyrights.

The UIRF may commit human capital and Gap Funding to the development of selected potential new UI technology spinout companies. These opportunities may begin simply as a new technology, which is then screened or may have been screened as described under the IP Review Process . The formation of a company requires additional criteria beyond what is required for licensing to an existing company.

Broadly, three essential ingredients must exist or be formed with a reasonable amount of effort:

  • Highly competitive and proprietary product or technology
  • Experienced entrepreneurial management team
  • Company financing

The IP Review and New Ventures Evaluation Processes will typically reveal if the potential for a new high growth company exists. If so, and if no other qualified partners are taking the opportunity forward, the missing critical pieces may be built by a team formed and managed by the UIRF. This team may include IOWA Centers for Enterprise staff, researchers, graduate students, external consultants, early stage investors, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at the UI, corporate partners, or existing or interim new company employees. The intention is to quickly build the value proposition such that private sector resources are attracted to the opportunity, and take on the major task of forming and building the company.

Other internal resources that the UIRF funds and manages as part of this process are Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Industry consultants, and Gap Funding.

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