About the Workshop

The Office of the Vice President for Research, in collaboration with the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Office of Strategic Communication, have developed a workshop for small groups of faculty to gather insights about communicating their research to non-peer and non-expert audiences.

The goal is offer participants practical tips for crafting and honing their messages, interviewing with journalists, and presenting their research to a variety of audiences. At the end of the session, faculty have the opportunity to record a brief video clip about their research.


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Faculty Communications Corps

Watch all of the videos HERE.


M.L. Suresh Raghavan, Professor, Biomedical Engineering


Jessica Welburn, Assistant Professor, Sociology and African American Studies


Natoshia Askelson, Assistant Professor, Community & Behavioral Health


Jasper Halekas, Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy


Sherry Watt, Professor, College of Education


Marian Wilson Kimber, Associate Professor, Musicology


Amnon Kohen, Professor, Chemistry


Donna Santillan, Research Assistant Professor, OBGYN


Aliye Uc, Professor, Pediatrics


Joyce Berg, Professor and Director, Iowa Electronic Markets


Gabriele Villarini, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Aliasger Salem, Division Head , Pharmaceutics and Translational Therapeutics


Timothy Marler, Senior Research Scientist, Virtual Soldier Research Program


Susan Wagner Cook, Assistant Professor, Psychology


Nathan Holton, Assistant Professor, Orthodontics


Marizen Ramirez, Associate Professor, Occupational and Environmental Health


" target="_blank">Miesha Marzell, Assistant Professor, Community and Behavioral Health


David Cwiertny, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Paloma Giangrande, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine


Anne Kwitek, Associate Professor of Pharmacology


Natalie Denburg, Assistant Professor, Neurology


Brad Wright, Assistant Professor, Health Management & Policy


Rebekah Kowal, Associate Professor, Dance


Chris Adams, Associate Professor, Internal Medicine


Tamara Afifi, Professor, Communication Studies


Michelle Voss, Assistant Professor, Psychology


Greg Howes, Associate Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy


Kristy Nabhan-Warren, Associate Professor, V.O. and Elizabeth Kahl Figge Fellow in Catholic Studies


Maurine Neiman, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology


Eli Perencevich, Professor, Department of Internal Medicine


Marianne Smith, Assistant Professor, College of Nursing


Sarah Vigmostad, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering


Nicholas Zavazava, Professor, Department of Internal Medicine




"The program has given me new insight into the university’s efforts to frame public discussion about its mission where research plays an important role."

"It was a tremendous program and I am so glad I was able to participate."

"Thanks for a fantastic experience. I hope many others can benefit from this program."

"...I learned so much and feel it will help me a LOT in the future."




Charles Munro

Charles Munro, Lecturer, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and media industry consultant



Julie Kraft


Julie Kraft, Consultant and media coach



Gigi Durham


Meenakshi "Gigi" Durham, Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Richard Lewis


Richard Lewis, News media relations, Office of Strategic Communication, and former journalist




Mitch Fick
Mitch Fick, Reporter/Anchor, KGAN





Katelyn Harrop
Katelyn Harrop, Talk Show Producer, Iowa Public Radio






Future Sessions

Please contact Leslie Revaux ( if you are interested in participating in future sessions.