The University of Iowa is committed to fostering responsible conduct of research and maintaining a safe work environment.

That commitment involves the application of regulations set by government agencies.  If you observe what you think is a specific environmental safety issue or a deficiency in compliance with regulations, we encourage you to report your concern so that it can be investigated.


Can I Make a Report Anonymously?

Yes, you may choose to make your report anonymously by leaving the contact information blank on the reporting form.  The Office of the Vice President for Research will attempt to maintain confidentiality within the limits of the law.  We ask that if you choose to file anonymously you provide as much detailed information as possible for our review, as we will be unable to contact you to request further information or clarification.

What Happens if I Submit a Report?

Once a report is submitted, it is promptly reviewed to determine what further steps should be taken.  The scope of the review and which official(s) will be involved will depend on the facts and nature of the situation.  Each report will be handled with the utmost care and in a timely manner.  If you provided contact information, you may be contacted for additional information.  You will be notified about the outcome at the conclusion of the review process.

Report a concern

To report a concern, please select the topic of your concern below. Please do not use this process for situations that pose an immediate danger.