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Outreach Activities of UI Research UnitsA student teaching young children about art

Old Capitol Museum
The Old Capitol Museum seeks to educate the university, local, and national communities on the continuing significance of the humanities. 

Museum educational programs include workshops, lectures, movies, and field trips on natural and environmental topics throughout the year.
The Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination (CHEEC) conducts public education programs on environmental health topics. 
Through educational outreach, the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research (CGRER) hopes to provide students with classroom content that comes directly from the researchers studying it.
Click here to listen to CGRER on the radio. Each week, CGRER distributes short clips with relevant information and interesting facts about Iowa's environment in a segment entitled "Iowa Environmental Focus."
Office of the State Archeologist staff members are available to provide in-school presentations as well as tours of the OSA lab and collections. Each year, the office organizes and sponsors Iowa Archeology Month which offers presentations, exhibits, in-class programming, and hands-on demonstrations.
The Obermann Center hosts seminars and events on topics including, but not limited to, language acquisition, consumer debt in America, medieval manuscript studies, representations of black middle class performances, labor regulation, and obscenity.
The Forkenbrock Series on Public Policy sponsors lectures and symposia designed to bring together academic researchers, policymakers, other key stakeholders such as business leaders, and the public.
The Injury Prevention Research Center has been instrumental in promoting injury control activities in Region 7 through the Midwest Injury Prevention Consortium, an interdisciplinary group of agencies and organizations that promote and advocate injury prevention.
The University of Iowa is committed to achieving sustainability locally, in daily activities, and globally, in its work to serve Iowa and the world through education, research and service. Our faculty, staff and students live, learn, work and experience life on campus in unique ways but pursuit of sustainability remains a common thread.
The overall goal of the education and outreach component of the NNI@UI is to initiate, implement and institutionalize effective means of heightening awareness and knowledge of nanoscience and technology.
The State Hygienic Lab educates its environmental and public health partners about the presence of infectious diseases and how to prevent them from spreading throughout the population. The State Hygienic Lab also teaches laboratorians throughout Iowa how to prepare for maladies such as pandemic influenza and also test for harmful agents used in biological and chemical terrorism.


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