Friday, November 6, 2015

The University of Iowa Office of Research and Economic Development will host a lecture by Dutch artist Theo Jansen at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 10 in Room C20 of Pomerantz Center as part of the Creative Matters lecture series in collaboration with the UI Arts Advancement Committee. (Note that the venue was changed to accommodate larger crowds.)

Known as the Leonardo Da Vinci of the 21st century, Theo Jansen has devoted his body and soul to creating a new life form over the last two decades. His Strandbeest (Beach Beasts) look so organic and real that from a distance they can be mistaken for the immense skeletons of prehistoric dinosaurs. Nonetheless, they are made of basic materials such as plastic tubes or sticky tape. With no need for motors or any kind of technological aids, Jansen manages to make these creatures come to life; they only require the force of the wind and beach sand. Engineering, biomechanics and art blend together, taking the concept of kinetic sculpture to its pinnacle.

The Creative Matters lecture series seeks to demonstrate that creativity is not only at the core of all research and discovery, but is also central to our human experience. The lineup of invited speakers includes artists, thinkers, builders, and doers who challenge conventional thinking about creativity, science, and artistic expression, borrowing from a range of influences and disciplines in their work. 


The Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development provides resources and support to researchers and scholars at the University of Iowa and to businesses across Iowa with the goal of forging new frontiers of discovery and innovation and promoting a culture of creativity that benefits the campus, the state, and the world. More at, and on Twitter: @DaretoDiscover.