Thursday, April 19, 2018

The contract for University of Iowa biosafety cabinet (BSC) services was recently amended to list ENV Services as the primary supplier, with Pharma-Lab designated as the secondary supplier. These changes are effective immediately.

All UI faculty and staff who own and/or use biosafety cabinets (BSCs) outside of cleanrooms will be affected by the switch to ENV Services as the primary supplier. Pharma-Lab will continue to serve as the primary supplier to clearnroom services, including servicing BSCs within cleanrooms.

Principal Investigators (PIs) will continue to receive a reminder when their BSCs are due for annual recertification and an appointment will be scheduled for the certification services. However, these reminders and the accompanying appointment time will come from ENV Services, rather than Pharma-Lab. PIs who wish to proceed with the appointment or wish to reschedule must respond to ENV Services directly to confirm the appointment and provide payment information.

If a BSC needs services other than an annual certification (i.e. troubleshoot, repair, decontamination, etc.) the PI and/or lab staff should contact the primary supplier, ENV Services, to schedule an appointment. If ENV Services is unable to meet the PI’s servicing needs, the PI and/or lab staff may contact the secondary supplier Pharma-Lab to schedule an appointment.

Billing processes will not change. Both vendors will continue to bill the PI directly for services.



If you have questions regarding these changes, please email To contact ENV Services to schedule an appointment, please email or call Samantha Sanchez at 800-690-3368.