Friday, January 18, 2019

To help ensure that University of Iowa endeavors are free of potential or actual conflicts of interest, all key UI faculty and staff members are required to complete an Annual Disclosure of Outside Professional Activities and Interests by April 30 of each year. 

In addition to this annual disclosure period, the University of Iowa requires all University employees to disclose any potential or actual conflicts of interest in advance of initiating an activity, or when the employee, in the exercise of reasonable diligence, first becomes aware of the conflict or the potential for one.

Details about the policy, and instructions for disclosure, are below.


Who is required to complete an eCOI Annual Disclosure by April 30, 2019?

  1. All UI employees engaged in research, which is defined as being named as "key personnel" on a UI routing form submitted to Sponsored Programs or an IRB application.
  2. All UI Health Care faculty, P&S and SEIU staff, and Merit exempt employees with 50% or greater appointments.
  3. Faculty and Staff members with 50% or greater appointments in the following categories:
    1. Regular Faculty (tenure-track, tenured, clinical-track, research-track, instructional-track),
    2. P&S staff compensated at Pay Levels 7 and above (see ePersonnel File in UI Employee Self Service for Pay Level),
  4. All University Officials as defined by the policy on Institutional Conflict of Interest in Human Subjects Research, including:
    1. Administrators with Faculty Appointments (e.g., Associate Provosts, Associate Vice Presidents, DEOs, Directors), and
    2. Institutional Officers (e.g., President, Executive VP & Provost, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Deans, University Librarian).


eCOI Annual Disclosure Instructions: 

To complete an Annual Disclosure, employees should use their HawkID to log into the online eCOI disclosure system.  Use your HawkID to log on (do not use a HealthCareID).  The online form asks several screening questions that should take less than five minutes to answer if there are no outside activities or interests to disclose. If an employee has activities or interests to disclose, they will be asked to complete an Entity Report for each activity or interest. While very few activities are actually prohibited, disclosure allows for potential and actual conflicts to be reviewed and managed appropriately.

Please note:  Each new Entity Report disclosure requires a signature before the complete Annual Disclosure can be finalized. 

Deadline:  Employees who are required to complete the eCOI Annual Disclosure must do so by April 30, 2019.  All employees may use the portal to enter and update disclosures throughout the year as their situation changes.  Employees may go to their Personal tab on Employee Self Service (, then click "My Compliances" to view requirements that have been completed, are due, or unfulfilled.