Friday, October 11, 2019

Connie Henderson, laboratory manager at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, will serve as the ambassador to the State Hygienic Laboratory (SHL) in 2019 and 2020.

Eleven years ago, the SHL launched the ambassador program. The annual initiative seeks to raise awareness about lab-related issues and strengthen partnerships with people and organizations that share SHL’s commitment to improving public health, environmental health, and education in Iowa.

“The ambassador program is an excellent way for us to develop stronger relationships with partners around the state,” said Michael Pentella, director of the State Hygienic Lab. “We are looking forward to working more closely with Ms. Henderson to advance our efforts in partnership with clinical laboratories throughout Iowa. Supporting the work of clinical laboratories is part of SHL’s mission. Ms. Henderson will provide SHL expert guidance in how best to meet the public health needs of clinical laboratories.”

Connie Henderson

Henderson has 42 years of laboratory experience. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Fort Hays Kansas State University and a Master of Science degree in Health Systems from Rutgers University.

“I have worked in the laboratory profession my whole life,” Henderson said. “The clinical laboratory has given me the ability to make a difference in the health of people’s lives. What else could anyone ask for?”

Henderson replaces Brian Hanft, director of the Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health. Hanft has served as the SHL ambassador since 2018. During his tenure, he focused on strengthening emergency response planning and connections between SHL and local public health agencies.