Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The University of Iowa Research Foundation (UIRF) is partnering with Ximbio, the world’s largest non-profit dedicated to life science research reagents, to offer a webinar for the UI community about commercializing research tools.

The free webinar will be held January 25, 4:00pm. Register via Zoom.

Research tools are valuable assets to the global scientific community. As a result, University of Iowa scientists are encouraged to disclose research tools developed in their labs to the UIRF, who will help facilitate the transfer of these materials to the research community.

Together, the UIRF and Ximbio can help researchers raise the profile of their work, reduce the administrative burden, fund future research, and safeguard reagents for the future. 

Ximbio representative Amy Mantz is also available to schedule one-on-one meetings with researchers. For questions about the program, or to schedule a meeting with Amy Mantz, please contact Sarah Sapouckey, UIRF licensing associate, at (319) 467-1897 or sarah-sapouckey@uiowa.edu.