What are "limited submissions?"

Limited submission programs are competitive funding programs that restrict the number of proposals that may be submitted from one institution. Institutional applicants for programs with limited submission restrictions are determined through an internal review process. 

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Please be aware that we make every effort to identify and post limited competitions on the UI Limited Submissions website. However, if you become aware of a funding opportunity with a limited submission requirement that is not listed, please email vpr-wins@uiowa.edu with the program title, due date and the URL or call 319-384-3332.

How does the institutional nomination process work?

The Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development (OVPRED) initiates an internal competition if a competitive grant program restricts the number of proposals that may be submitted from one institution, and the competition is open to faculty and staff members of more than one college. The OVPRED sets an internal deadline by which interested individuals must apply to be the institutional applicant.  The application materials are reviewed by the collegiate Associate Deans for Research, senior staff members from the OVPRED, and selected faculty. The selected applicant(s) submit a full proposal to the sponsor by the program deadline.
If a competition with a limited number of applicants is open to faculty and staff members of only one college, it will be advertised on the UI Limited Submissions site and the college will organize its own review process to select the University's applicant.

Internal nomination competitions, whether they are conducted by individual colleges or through the OVPRED, are advertised in the Grant Bulletin's UI Limited Submission site. The collegiate Associate Deans for Research also distribute news of each competition within their colleges.

Grant Limitation and Action Examples
Unlimited by number of applications per university, college or department
Route your proposal through the Division of Sponsored Programs at least five days in advance of the deadline
Limited by number of applications per institution
Apply through UI Limited Submissions; applications are reviewed by appropriate associate deans for research, faculty and OVPRED staff
Limited by number of applications per college
Apply through UI Limited Submissions; each college to organize its own review process.
Limited by number of applications per department
Contact the department chair before applying
Limited but not listed in UI Limited Submissions
Contact vpr-wins@uiowa.edu or call OVPRED staff at 319-384-3332 with the program title, due date and the sponsor's URL
Interested in applying for a limited submission grant but the internal deadline has passed
Contact vpr-wins@uiowa.edu or call OVPRED staff at 319-384-3332.  You may still be able to apply if there was no initial interest or if the number of applicants who plan to formally submit is less than the number permitted by the sponsor 



Cheryl Ridgeway
Office of the Vice President for Research

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