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GOLDrush crowdfunding now open to student groups, boosts IMARC RoboBoat competition

Harnessing the ingenuity, determination and comradery of University of Iowa students, the newly founded Iowa Marine Autonomous Racing Club (IMARC) will be challenging students from across the world in an autonomous, robotic boat competition June 20-25 in South Daytona, Florida.

GOLDrush crowdfunding raises money and awareness

The Hawkeye community has a strong tradition of giving, and it didn’t disappoint. Just before the winter holidays, the first round of GOLDrush crowdfunding concluded with two of three pilot projects exceeding their $10,000 goal.

Crowdfunding comes to the University of Iowa as GOLDrush

The University of Iowa this week launched its first-ever crowdfunding platform: GOLDrush. A growing national trend, crowdfunding has made it simple to raise funds for projects from colleagues, family, friends—and even strangers who want to support a particular activity.