We seek your bold ideas that will contribute to an effort in securing a NIH Climate Change and Health center focused on rural issues. Your ideas will be used to develop clusters of connected ideas and researchers to explore unique climate change health questions focused on rural issues important to Iowa and the Midwest. This is an opportunity to build new ideas and teams in the climate change and health arena with a focus on securing an NIH P20 exploratory grant.

Upcoming Events

Networking Session #1: Network and Ideate

Networking Session #2: Network and Refine Ideas

Networking Session #3: Network, Refine Ideas, and Pitch Ideas

Program Information and Overview

Program Information and Overview

  • Learn more about this effort by participating in upcoming virtual information sessions
  • Submit your bold ideas here by April 14.
    • Describe your proposed rural Climate Change and Health hypothesis.
    • Describe how your hypothesis is responsive to the Climate Change and Health RFA.
    • Describe the available University of Iowa research resources (e.g., cohorts, datasets, instrumentation) that support your proposed hypothesis.
  • Participate in the presentation and networking sessions (May 12, 19, & 26 @ 2:00 PM). Register here.
    • Submitted ideas will be clustered and explored during the presentation and networking sessions.
    • Presentations will receive strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities feedback via participants.
    • Small group discussions will focus on ideation with ideas collected and voted on.

Once the team has been finalized, the Research Development Office will provide proposal development support including:

  1. Administrative support for the team
  2. Assistance with graphic design support
  3. Blue Team review: Overall concept design, specific aims pitches, section leaders/teams and assignments
  4. Pink Team review: Organize review and comment of drafts at 65% complete
  5. Red Team review: Organize review and comment of drafts at 95% complete

OVPR Internally Funded Climate Change and Health Awards

Over the last two years, the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR), through P3 awards, has seeded research in the climate change and health area. These investments have contributed to a critical mass of research that should enable coming together for a Climate Change and Health Center.

  • Addressing Rural Environmental Health in a Changing Climate: Identifying Conserved Targets for Intervention to Address Climate Change-Mediated Health Effects: Hans-Joachim Lehmler (Occupational and Environmental Health)
  • Living with Smoke: Gregory Carmichael (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)
  • Climate-driven Health Vulnerabilities of rural well users: David Cwiertny (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Interactive Impacts of Farmers’ Mental Health, Well-being, and Climate Variability: Marc Linderman (Geographical and Sustainability Sciences)

Spring 2022 news article

Fall 2022 news article

  • Public Libraries for Disaster Resilience: Assessing Libraries’ Community Impacts in Times of Climate and Socio-economic Crises: Lucie Laurian (School of Planning and Public Affairs)
  • Iowa Healthy Lakes Initiative: Corey Markfort (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
  • Decarb 2040: Positioning Iowa as an Energy Exporter in the Coming Era of Deep Decarbonization: Charles Stanier (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

Program webpage

NIH Exploratory Grant for Climate Change and Health Research Center

This NIH RFA seeks to “support the development of a transdisciplinary research environment to sustain a program of fundamental and applied research to examine the impacts of climate change on health and to develop action-oriented solutions to protect the health of individuals, communities, and nations from the hazards posed by climate change.” Applications are due November 7, 2023.


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Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa–sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact Research Development Office in advance at 319-335-0303 or vpr-rdo@uiowa.edu