The University of Iowa has an active environmental health and safety program to support the institution’s research activities. The program goal is to promote and foster a safe working environment in the laboratory by:

  • incorporating health and safety into daily operations
  • preventing injuries and illnesses of researchers
  • promoting best practices
  • complying with federal, state, and local regulations and laws

Examples of program areas include: biological safety, chemical safety, waste disposal, occupational safety, and radiation safety.

Laboratory directors as well as staff members must all work to maintain a safe lab environment, and the Environmental Health & Safety Office is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable institutional policies, license conditions, laws, and regulations.

Contact Information:

The mission of the Environmental Health & Safety Office is to support the University’s teaching, research and health care activities by providing guidance, training and services to the institution and its employees. Visit their website here.

Haley W Sinn, Ph.D., Biological Safety Officer /  335-9553;

Joe Graves, Radiation Safety Officer / 335-8517;