Fatima Toor

Fatima Toor, Ph.D.

Research Council Chair
Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering Term: 2021-24
Ariel Aloe

Ariel Aloe, Ph.D.

Associate Chair
Professor, Psychological & Quantitative Foundations Term: 2020-26


Natalie Denburg

Natalie Denburg, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Neurology Term: 2022-25
Paul Dilley

Paul Dilley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Religious Studies Term: 2022-25
David Drake

David Drake, Ph.D.

Professor, Dentistry Term: 2020-24
carrie figdor

Carrie Figdor, Ph.D.

Professor, Philosophy Term: 2023-26
Seth King

Seth King, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning Term: 2023-26
Yasar Onel

Yasar Onel, Ph.D.

Professor, Physics & Astronomy Term: 2022-25
Anthony Panos

Anthony Panos, M.D.

Professor, Surgery Term: 2021-24
scott shaw

Scott Shaw, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chemistry Term: 2023-26
Shelton Stromquist

Shelton Stromquist

Professor Emeritus, American, Social, and Labor History, Term 2023-2024


Mihaela Bojin

Mihaela Bojin, Ph.D.

Associate Director, University of Iowa Research Foundation Term: 2020-25
Queena Lin

Queena Lin, Ph.D.

Director, NeuroBank Core Term: 2022-25
matt suiter

Matt Suiter

Clinical Research Associate, HCCC 2023-25
Rebecca Taugher-Hebl

Rebecca Taugher-Hebl, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Scientist, Psychiatry Term: 2021-24


Joshua Carrizales

Joshua Carrizales

Graduate Student Representative
Term: 2022-24
Abigail Townsend

Abigail Townsend

Undergraduate Student Representative
Term: 2023-24


Laura  Dean

Laura Dean, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher Term: 2023-2024

Administrative Liaisons

Marty Scholtz

Marty Scholtz, Ph.D.

Vice President for Research
lauren galliart

Lauren Galliart

Administrative Liaison
Bob Kirby

Bob Kirby, Ph.D.

Director, Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates Ex-Officio
mike weaver

Mike Weaver

Administrative Liaison