Articles from February 2022

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Registration is open for Communicating Ideas media training workshop

Friday, February 11, 2022
The Communicating Ideas program, now in its tenth year, is a half-day, intensive media and communications training workshop scheduled for July 15, 2022. Registration for workshop is open to faculty researchers, creators, and scholars from any department. “Our goal is to offer participants practical tools for crafting and honing their messages for various public and non-academic audiences,” said...

As Omicron surge peaks in Iowa, SHL staff deliver a systematic and coordinated response

Friday, February 11, 2022
On a frigid morning in mid-January, tiny flurries swirled outside the University of Iowa State Hygienic Lab building as an unusual sight, an eighteen-wheeler UPS semi-truck, slowly backed up to the loading dock with a daily delivery of samples. Inside the truck was a record-breaking haul: fifty-five 4’ x 4’ bags containing COVID-19 test kits from Iowans across the state. Each bag contained...